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Reader’s Digest: 10 Surprising Must-Visit Foodie Destinations

September 20,2016 0 comments

5 gastronomiaThe Canadian Reader’s Digest portal included Croatia as well as its most renowned enogastronomic region of Istria among its top 10 world gastronomic destinations not to be missed.
In the article titled “10 Surprising Must-visit Foodie Destinations” written by the journalist Kat Tancock, Croatia has been set side by side with Jamaica, Germany, Peru, Burma, Georgia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ireland. Tancock mentions France and Italy as the most popular culinary destinations.
The traveller should not miss the above countries, including Croatia, which surprise with their offer. She describes Croatia as a country between Italy, Central Europe and what used to be the Ottoman Empire, with rich and distinctive history as well as versatile gastronomic offer of its regions.
She especially recommends the visit to Istria, a bilingual region bordering with Slovenia and Italy with a strong gastronomic offer. She praises first-rate local products including sea fruit, olive oil, mushrooms, truffle and Istrian prosciutto as well as excellent wine and autochthonous liquors.