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Istria Wine & Walk adventure

September 19,2016 0 comments

4 wine-walk1We invite all wine and nature enthusiasts to plan in May the Istria Wine & Walk adventure through northwestern Istria. You are in for a treat: 11 km of an inspiring walk, meeting 8 first-class Istrian winemakers, 8 local producers and caterers and delighting in 7 tasting stops.

• Departure from Buje
• Arrival to the Santa Lucia vineyard
• Meeting the winemakers and local producers and caterers every 2 km along the trail
• Lookout on the Kastanjari hilltop
• Škarline Nature Park
• Tigor Gallery and the “More” exhibition
• Cattunar wine cellar
• Veralda wine cellar
• Returning to Buje by bus – small wine fair

The wine and walk event will start in Buje where you’ll get your tasting glass and a map of the trail and board a minibus. It will take you to the first stop, the amazing, half a century old Santa Lucia vineyard, the starting point of your wine and walk tour of the vineyards and olive groves.

Istrian winemakers and other local producers will greet you with their luscious culinary treats and divine wines at every 2 km. Enjoy the straw-yellow shades of Istrian Malvasia and ruby red colours of wine. The secret of their enjoyable, potable flavour is in the white soil you will be walking on, the sunny vineyard slopes you will be passing by and the pleasant breeze that will follow you on your way.

Your adventure will also take you to a lookout from which you can zoom in on the Ćićarija tops and the sea in the distance, as well as to the Škarline Nature Park and its unique creeks and small lakes, the “More” exhibition in theTigor Gallery and 2 wine cellars nearby Brtonigla.

On your way back to Buje, you will stop at a small fair featuring an 80’s party that will last until late in the evening. There you will be able to buy the wines that you were thrilled by, as well as some other products to make sure that you will remember this walk in all the colours of wine.

Bring your camera and take the award-winning photo of the 2nd Istria Wine & Walk! Join us! It will be a day to remember.