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Istria has been proclaimed the best-hidden secret of Europe – Huff Post

October 05,2016 0 comments

Croatia, Istria, Rovinj, ship in foreground

The respected portal, Huffington Post has once again included Istria on its list of destinations that are definitely worth visiting. This time Istria glowed in the small circle of the six best-hidden secrets of Europe. Although more and more popular and well known, the Istrian peninsula deserved the feature thanks to its extraordinary cultural heritage seasoned with excellent eno-gastronomic local specialities. Special emphasis is given to Istrian wines and delicious truffles which can be enjoyed in the surroundings of Roman and Byzantine architectural masterpieces, as described by the Huffington Post. Furthermore, they pointed out that the largest European dub step and bass festivals, Dimensions and Outlook in Pula, should also not be missed.

Istria is placed on the list of six European secrets alongside the Portuguese town of Comporta which is adorned with sandy beaches, Bulgaria’s Sofia with its diverse architecture and Krakow whose history is fascinating, while the Dutch port city of Rotterdam was recognised as an art centre, and the German Freiburg as the greenest city in the world.

The list of candidates with as many as 12 European hidden locations, including Biarritz, Valetta, Bratislava, Malmö and the Lauterbrunnen region in Switzerland and the Salzkammergut region in Austria was published by, a web portal dedicated to food, drinks and, of course, travel. Founded in 2003 in New York as a newsletter, it has expanded to a global level discovering and presenting the newest and best destinations.

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