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Flos Olei: World’s 2nd Best Olive Oil Region

October 15,2016 0 comments

3 croatian-olive-oil-harvestFlos Olei, the prestigious Italian guide to the world of olive oils, has included Istria among the best in the world, ranking it second after the Italian Tuscany in the production of quality extra virgin olive oil.
The guide introduces its readers with the best proven olive oils in the world including those by Istrian producers, which have been awarded and ranked among the best olive oil producers in the world for a number of years.
Flos Olei: World’s 2nd Best Olive Oil RegionĀ 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

The new edition of Flos Olei continues to set ambitious goals: to provide transparent and comprehensive information regarding the offer in the olive oil producing world. Apart from the above, it is also a useful manual for learning about various aspects of olive growing for consumers and experts alike.
Marco Oreggia, guide’s editor-in-chief, journalist and enogastronomy critic, consults influential specialized magazines in the field. This agricultural engineer gained his technical experience in the field of extra virgin olive oil first by working as a quality restaurateur over many years and then being awarded a title of the expert taster by the CCIAA of Rome.
He is enrolled in the National Directory of Wine Technicians and Experts in Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Oreggia has organized numerous conferences, workshops, tastings and other events about olive growing in Italy and abroad.