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European Best Destinations: Istria – top 10 European wine destinations

November 13,2016 0 comments

2 motovun-vineyard-in-istria-best-wine-destinations-in-europeAccording to a selection by the European Best Destinations organisation, Istria has been classified amongst the top 10 wine destinations in Europe for 2016! In this way Istria has been listed among an elite group alongside the world-famous wine regions of Bordeaux, Champagne and the Rhone valley, Catalonia and Santorini, the Portuguese region of Alentejo and the Douro Valley as well as Tuscany and Piedmont.

Istrian wines have achieved sensational success and are recommended in this exclusive selection together with French Beaujolais, Portuguese Porto and Greek wines from the oldest vineyards in Europe. “Wine as a unique product speaks about its region, its climate, the life of its inhabitants, their tastes and their talents”, says the European Best Destination portal pointing out that Istria’s success, which has become synonymous with good wines, is a combination of hard work and natural characteristics that guarantee high quality grapes. Among other things, these are its position, soil and climate, which together contribute to the charm of the fine red and white Istrian wines.
European Best Destinations, the organisation based in Brussels, promotes European culture and tourism, choosing, for example, the best summer music festivals and Christmas fairs as well as the best destinations for travel across the continent, the “crème de la crème of European tourism”, in which Istria now finds itself.
In collaboration with tourist offices and the EDEN network, European Best Destinations promotes a better understanding of the wealth, diversity and quality of European destinations, selecting the most visited ones through its website and social networks, with more than 2.5 million visitors and thousands of followers.